Sustainable business is one of the pillars of our organisation.

Our new investments are founded on the latest technology in the field of environment and energy-saving, social responsibility, ergonomics & safety, and sustainability.

As an example, our new hardware, if possible, will be provided with more favourable engines. This will reduce harmful emissions to a minimum.

Infrawatch wants to offer a solid home base for its staff. To our enthusiastic team of motivated, professional workers, we offer a close-knit company. It creates a foundation of mutual trust that allows us to execute operations to the satisfaction of our clients.

An aspect that worries our company, also as a part of (economic) society, is mobility, and the accessibility of major parts of our country. With the aid of new planning technology, flexible working hours, and intricate coordination with our clients, we try to contribute to an improved mobility, with reduced CO2-emissions.

Would you like to know more about sustainable business? Contact us, or ask us for an offer directly.